Update on Receiver’s Lawsuit Against Former Stanford Financial Advisors

In March 2017, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that the Receiver is not required to arbitrate his claims to recover payments to former Stanford financial advisors and other Stanford employees of proceeds generated from the sale of Stanford International Bank CDs. Following entry of judgment by the Court of Appeals, the Receiver returned to the District Court to pursue those claims. On June 15, 2017, the Receiver filed an amended complaint, consolidating several previously-filed complaints and identifying newly-discovered payments received by the defendants.

As amended, the Receiver’s complaint now seeks to recover more than $289 million from 313 former financial advisors and other Stanford employees. The Receiver alleges that the payments the defendants received were fraudulent transfers; that the defendants failed to provide reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the payments; and that the defendants did not take the payments in good faith. The Receiver also alleges that the defendants were unjustly enriched by the payments, at the expense of Stanford investors. The lawsuit seeks return of the payments, together with prejudgment interest and attorneys’ fees.

The District Court has set the Receiver’s claims for trial beginning in July 2018.

To view a copy of the amended complaint, and a copy of the Court’s scheduling order setting the Receiver’s claims for trial, click here:

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