Panorama "The Six Billion Dollar Man"

The Panorama program recently made a documentary on Allen Stanford, it is on youtube in three parts. Watching this unbiased documentary will bring home the scale of the fraud perpetuated by Allen Stanford and Stanford International Bank on the depositors.

Stanford Part I
Stanford Part II
Stanford Part III

Please support the victims of Stanford International Bank and Allen Stanford by signing the petition.


Petition for The British Victims of Stanford International Bank

The British victims of Allen Stanfords fraud need your support. We have become the forgotten victims ignored by our government and the British press while the Americans who make up only 20% of Depositors in CD’s (Certificates of Deposit) enjoy press coverage and support from Senators and FoxNews.
Many British citizens have lost their life savings which they innocently invested in Stanford International Bank. So many people are affected by this, people have committed suicide, people in retirement are now destitute and those relying on this money for medical care are now suffering. The UK government was aware of investigations into Stanford’s bank but failed to warn UK citizens.
Please sign this petition and forward it onto friends and family, we desperately need your support. Recently when the Icelandic bank went bust all the UK investors were reimbursed, apparently MP’s in the UK parliament had money invested in this bank which may or may not be relevant but a precedent was set.
The people affected by this are not rich, they are in the main people who have saved all their lives for retirement and are now either to old, retired or ill to start again, please support us in our quest for justice and sign this petition.

Please pass on to friends and family, we need as much support as possible. There are UK citizens out there stranded in foreign countries with no means of support and no way home, we need your help.

Please click on the link below and fill in the petition submitted to downing street. You must look out for the return email which you need too open and follow the link to complete the petition. Once again thank you all for your help.